Philips™ Wisp

Philips™ Wisp

Philips Respironics has introduced a completely new design for their nasal mask, eliminating the forehead support and offering a minimalist fabric or flexible silicon frame for maximum comfort.  The result is a nasal mask that is so lightweight and unobtrusive that it feels like a nasal pillows mask.

This mask is also packaged with the small/medium, large, and extra large cushions included to help you get the correct fit every time.

Order consists of all needed components.

  • Soft and comfortable for a restful night’s sleep
  • Compact design delivers a natural fit
  • Contemporary frame options to fit your patient’s style
  • Tip-of-the-nose cushion design forms exceptional seal
  • Open field of vision so patients can enjoy normal activities
  • Click fit headgear for easy adjustment
  • Minimal parts – easy to use and clean